Why SEO is Like a Customer Magnet

Yes that right. SEO is like a magnet that draw in your customer like a magnet.

Once a website has been ranked in Google. It can draw visitors to it very cheaply. In my experience a well optimized website can bring in many visitors long after the website style has been made obsolete. That is why sometime the best performing site from a SEO perspective are the ugliest sites.

But let get back to the magnet, a magnet draw metal towards it. But in this case you want customers right?

SEO is a Magent

SEO Will Get You Customers

Why not set up your website to attract customers like a magnet. When a website is well done a potential customer looks at the site. And think I could do business with these guys. But without a way to get eyeballs on the site. Well just like the tree falling in the wood no one will care about your website.

So how do you get customers to your website. You could pay to advertise it. You could tell people. You could even get on a building with a microphone and yell from the rooftop for people to visit your website. But are any of those tactics going to work.

Well paying to advertise could work but it going to cost you money. Or you could use well SEO to Google to send you visitors to your website for free. For many years to come.

Just by writing you content in a search engine pleasing why with the proper title and hidden little code on the website. With a few well placed link. Then presto SEO is now drawing customers to your site like a magnet.